A new homes specialist - also referred to as a new homes consultant - is an onsite sales agent working directly for a homebuilder or condominium builder/developer. A new home co-broker is marketing term used by homebuilders for years to refer to general agents who sell their new homes. 

Builders sponsor 'broker events', participate with 'co-brokers' and such. The idea is that the builder sees themselves as the listing broker, officially or unofficially. Therefore, the selling agent, the Realtor is knows as the 'co-broker." This does not mean that you have to be a broker to earn the designation. We selected it to help builders quickly identify with those who have completed our course.

 Our course is not to be confused with the New Home Specialist (NHS) course written and taken mostly by onsite sales consultants. Some Realtors take this course, which has more to do with construction of the builders' homes.

 How To Build A New Homes Niche is not about construction or the builder. It is about the agent,

We highly recommend any course offered by the Sales and Marketing Council of your local Home Builder Association. Our course is listed with 27 MLS associations around the country. We have not approached the NAHB, but we have been encouraged to do so.