Three things:   

1. CONTENT is based on research, case studies, and the truth, based on what works th the field. Technology cannot solve the issues addressed in this course. Only honest, open and "know what to do" not what to click, makes the difference in a sale or no sale. Our graduates know what to do and therefore can give the best advice to their new home shoppers. 

2. CONSISTENCY There has been inconsistent and ineffective answers to this one question to the broker: What are we doing about new home training? What would you answer be today? What would your broker down the street, across town, across the state, the nation say? Is there any wonder that builders complain that they don't get enough qualified attendance at their co-broker events?

3. MEASUREABLE  Graduates must pass a 20-question exam that tests  what they learned about working with onsite agents, home builders, new home shoppers, and resale shoppers that might consider a new home. They learn what is negotiable, how to help onsite agents understand their clients needs, what to counsel them about when it comes to negotiating price and incentives, 

how to find the right new homes to show, on demand, how to help their prospects clearly understand what they can buy for their money, and much more. They have access to the course for one years and are provided marketing tools including logos and links to social media, among other items. 


Consistency - T