This is the Next Steps page for the exclusive use of those who have earned their new home co-broker(NHCB) designation. If you are not a graduate, we thank you in advance for returning once you complete the course, How To Build A New Homes Niche.

The steps:

1.  Click this link to see how you can announce to the world the fact that you earned your new home co-broker designation FREE,  Realty Times requires that you send your photo, email address, and website address. They write the release and publish it in their announcement section. Notice the social media buttons for your instant distribution. Be sure to link this page to your email, blog, and website.

a.  Email your photo to Realty Times as

b.  Add the announcement link to your email address, blog, and social media

c. We highly recommend that our graduates who want to market on social media, provide a newsletter, add drone capabilities to their resale listings and write and publish their own publicity take a close look at what Realty Times offers. We know of no other service that offers so much for such good prices as Realty Times (No, we do not get paid a referral fee on purpose, because we would lose our objectivity if we did).

2. Download your logo's 

3. Set yourself up to see the same new homes inventory your prospects see on Subscribe free to 

4. Add three internet advisors to your contact system

5. Show your certificate to onsite consultants and encourage them to take the course. Then you both will be on the same page.

6. Refer the course to homebuilders and onsite agents. Show them your certificate.

6. Remember: you have one- year random access to the course!

7. Remember, help your resale shoppers 'understand the money' and you will sell more resales AND new homes.