1. There are several ways for home builders to increase co-broker sales, a marketing strategy. 

The most important and easiest way is to let your local Realtors know you are paying Realtor commissions, commonly known as 'co-broker' fees. 

2. Make sure your homes are listed in 'go to' websites like www.newhomecsource.com and www.realtor.com

3. Promote your grand opening, lunch and learns, model openings, in local websites that offer such announcements.

4. Write and publish your own announcements free in Realty Times. com, then publish the link in social media

5. Become an affiliate in your local Association of Realtors and participate in local trade shows sponsored by the Associaton

6. Consider  adding local lenders as first or second tier preferred lenders. Mortgage companies are good sources.

7. Position 'education' as your baseline co-broker marketing principle. Offer coupon or free access to the course featured on this website (www.newhomecobroker.com).

We are always looking for new and better ways to include in this section, and would appreciate letting us know what is working for a builder in your community that we have not mentioned here.