Because it is. For the first time ever, Realtors on a national level and new home consultants at every level have access to a course that teaches both the same thing, the same way and gives them access for review for a full year. 

This course addresses areas like:

"They rush through the models."

"They cost me sales."

"They bring shoppers who are not qualified"

"They try to negotiate the price in front of their prospects."

"They don't understand why the builder uses a preferred lender."

"They don't like to sell preconstruction because they have to wait on their commission."

and from the agents side:

"They don't defer to me." 

"They make me nervous."

"They don't call me back to let me know what is going on." 

"They try to sell the prospect on the first visit."

"They don't understand my showing schedule."

None of the above has to do with closing skills or construction knowledge. It has to do with a lack of trust based on misunderstandings and wrong assumptions. 

If you know where anything like this is even taught to both sides with authority and clarity backed by case studies, please let us know We base everything we teach on a $3 billion new homes sales record.