How may brokers offer this course to their agents?

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In its simpliest form: 

The brokers send a email agents with the below message or something like it. 

"Several of you are interested in working with home builders and new home shoppers. We ran across an online new homes course we think you might like. If interested, take a look at this link."

Simple. No risk. No cost. No management. Feel free to copy the above paragraph and send it to your agents. They will appreciate your concern.

Other brokers used the course as a recruiting and retention advantage and required their new recruits (defined as one year or less), to take it.

Others have sponsored a webinar presentation for all their agents (the largest group 35 at a time.

Our suggestion is to ask around your office to see if any of your agents have completed the course. Or search the NHCB letters in your area to ask those agents what the course meant to them. 

Where this is headed, now that we have more than 7,000 graduates across the country: homebuilders are starting to seek out our graduates. After all, our graduates spent time and money to understand how to work with onsales consultants and new home shoppers. Many resale shoppers are turning to new homes, as we all know. 

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