Why do you describe your new home co-broker training as 'bird seed'?

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A man goes into a pet store and purchases a parakeet that can talk. He was astonished and skeptical, but the clerk assured him the bird could talk. So the man bought the talking parakeet.

A couple of days later, the man returned to the store complaining that the parakeet had not talked. The clerk asked the man if the bird had swung on his little swing. The man said he did know the bird needed a swing but bought one.  The next day, the man returned to the store and told the clerk that his parakeet did swing on his little swing but did not talk. 

The clerk asked the man if the bird had preened in his little mirror, and the man said he did not know he needed a little mirror. So he bought one. The next, he is back in the store telling the clerk that his bird was swinging on his little swing and was preening in his mirror but still had not talked.

The clerk asked if the parakeet was bathing in his little bath, and the man said no, he did not have a little bath. So he bought the little bath and stomped out of the store. 

Sure enough, the next day, the man returns to the store and reports to the clerk that he has some good and bad news. The good news is that his bird had talked. 

"Wow! That's great. Now you two can get to know each other." 

The man said, no, it is too late. The bad news is that my little bird died

But just before he died, he asked a question.

What did he say! ?

The man said his parakeet had taken his little bath, preened in his little mirror, and was swinging on his little swing. Then it happened. He fell off of his little swing. He was lying on his back, trying to say something, so I leaned over the cage to see if I could hear him.

"He was gasping for air but trying to speak"

The clerk, excited and impatient, asked the man, "Please, tell me. What did the little bird ask."

In his dying breath, the little bird whispered, didn't they have any birdseed?"

Moral of the story - Make sure the fundamentals are understood before you reach for too many bells and whistles.

We teach from the lessons learned by years of learning from our mistakes. We have nothing new to teach year-to-year because principles don't change with the market. Experience is still the best teacher.  That's why our content is fresh. And easy to remember.  And works in the field. 

Would a homebuilder start building a house with a good foundation?

The point: If you are serious about selling new homes or establishing a new homes niche, you need to start with fundamentals and simple strategies that work in the field. 

You can learn construction later and earn other designations later, but ours is the course you need first. You will understand as you join more than 6,000 of your fellow Realtors who trust our content because it is all field tested.  We recommend the GRI course, next, but not before ours. 

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